Interactive Business Intelligence Templates

The area of ‘Business Intelligence’ – which covers reporting, data analysis & visualisation – is extremely fast moving. The technology seems to take significant steps forward almost every month.

Key to our recent system re-design was the ability to take advantage of this rapidly evolving technology and to fully integrate it into eProfitFocus as it becomes proven and appropriate.

Developments in this area just this year have led us to create a core set of PowerBI* templates that work with four standard eProfitFocus reports to provide a step-change in the way you can interact with your data and even tailor it for your own specific uses.

FD001 Franchise Profitability

FD008 Detailed Franchise Profitability (report available for Franchise users only)


FD010 Franchise Dealer Group (report available for Franchise Users only)


PFD010 Dealer Profitability


These templates are being released for franchise users at this stage, but work is underway to integrate them fully into eProfitFocus using technology that was released as recently as June 2017.

In the meantime these templates can be downloaded by right-clicking on the following links and saving the zip file:

Australian Franchise Users

New Zealand Franchise Users

A "quick start" guide to using these templates can be downloaded here.


* Note that these templates run in Microsoft PowerBI Desktop for Windows. PowerBI Desktop is available as a download from Microsoft Corporation.