Business Planning Module

The ProfitFocus Business Planning Module is an on-line tool that calls on the individual historical data for a dealer and combines it with the targets set by their OEM to provide an "Indicative Business Plan" tailored for the dealer.

By comparing this Indicative Plan to network Benchmarks, regional averages and their own data, dealers can quickly and easily develop their own Business Plan - complete with Commentary to flesh out the strategy behind the numbers.


New vehicle inputs



Key elements of the ProfitFocus Dealer Business Planning module include:

  • Provided via an on-line tool
  • Calls on historical data for each individual dealer
  • Combines data with targets set by the OEM
  • Presents dealers with an “Indicative” Business Plan to use as a reference point
  • Supplements this by showing Benchmarks & Comparatives drawn from the franchise network
  • Dealers have the tools to develop and submit their own Business Plans
  • Streamlines the effort by requiring minimal inputs
  • Allows dealers to provide simple commentary of the actions that will support the numbers in the plan


Business Plan Summary



For a guide to completing the Business Plan and definitions of the data required here.


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