Formatting your Trial Balance

The starting point for submitting data with eProfitFocus is a dealership’s trial balance. Many dealership management systems (DMSs) have trial balances that are readily compatible with eProfitFocus, and include:


However, if your dealership uses another DMS, then as part of your data submission, you will need to rearrange your trial balance using Microsoft Excel into one of three compatible formats:

  1. Four Column Account Code
  2. Three Column Account Code
  3. One Column Account Code

As the names would suggest, each format is based on how many columns your dealership uses to identify an account code – this includes any associated company, branches or department distinguishers.

Contact the ProfitFocus team if you need help determining which format is right for you.

1UNITS trial balances are only automatically compatible with eProfitFocus if there is only one type of character in the first two columns in the dealership trial balance (typically the company code and branch code). For example, if in the company code column, both the numbers 1 and 2 appear, a dealership will need to format their trial balance into the Three Column Account Code format.