Three Column Account Code

What belongs in each column?

  1. The first five columns (A to E) are used to define the dealership’s account structure such as Company, Branch, Department, Account Code, Franchise, etc. Note: The system only takes data from column C onwards - ignoring column A and B. Therefore, if the numbers in column A and B (commonly are company or branch codes) are not the same for all accounts in your trial balance, duplicate accounts will appear in our system and cause inaccuracies. In this instance, your TB will need to be customized into PMDS format for it to be uploaded properly. 
  2. The sixth column (F) is used for account description. 
  3. The seventh column (G) is ignored and may be left blank if desired.
  4. The eighth column (H) is used for month to date data (movement of the month). 
  5. The ninth column (I) is used for year to date data (month end balance)
  6. The tenth column is ignored as may be left blank if desired.

Saving requirements

This is to be saved as the CSV format (known as Comma Delimited when using Microsoft Excel).