Google Chrome V79 and V80 - eProfitFocus Access Issues

URGENT: Google Chrome Version 80 release on the 17th February 2020

Google are rolling out updates to Google Chrome on the 17th of February - Users may have issues logging into eProfitFocus through the Multi-Factor Authentication process.

We are currently working through a solution with our technical team - if you continue to experience issues logging in, please use an alternate browser such as Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Edge. 


From the 17th February 2020, the release of Google Chrome V80 deploys a change to the default cookie behavior. The intent of Google’s change is to protect web applications and discourage malicious cookie tracking, however it is also expected to affect many applications and services that are based on open standards - such as Microsoft's Multi-Factor Authentication. 

The eProfitfocus technical teams and the wider Deloitte ITS teams have taken action to mitigate the impact on all users, however those users who have upgraded their version of Google Chrome to V80 may experience issues accessing the eProfitfocus website from the 17th February 2020.

If you experience the error detailed below then it is likely your Chrome version has updated to V80 and you will not be able to authenticate and access eProfitfocus. 

If you have received the error detailed above, please re-attempt to access the system using a different web browser. The current recommended browsers for the immediate short term are Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and the teams are working towards a permanent solution for those users who access via Chrome web browser.


If you have any issues logging in or wish to discuss this - Please direct any queries to our eProfitFocus Support Team ( or call;

AU: 1300 784 511

NZ: 0800 773 307