Customer Retention Management

This Customer Retention Management (CRM) course is a “hands-on” and practical workshop. The focus is on value generating activities in the automotive environment from a dealer and manufacturer perspective. 

The desired outcome of Customer Retention Management (CRM) is for dealers to instantaneously create an environment of reliability, trust and integrity starting in the website and duplicated in the dealership both physically and culturally by process and client experience.

Join the expert trainers from ProfitFocus at this one-day workshop to focus on key CRM initiatives that aim to increase profitability for your business with delighted customers who continue to come back and encourage others to further support your business.

This course is ideal for Dealer Principals, General Managers, Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers and Managers who can go back to their dealerships and re-invigorate the CRM process the next day.

Course Outcomes

  • Development of a CRM model.
  • Structuring of CRM activities
  • Build momentum in your business through a CRM process - not a person  dependent system
  • Provide the steps for you to establish your unique foundations for CRM
  • Through a review of current CRM activities (including database management) bring focus from all staff members (including non customer facing) to your foundations of CRM
  • Maximising return on CRM investments
  • How to capitalise on the internet as a marketing tool and implement this  into your CRM strategy
  • Get all your staff to understand the ‘price of non-conformance’ so that they will want to help you release your ‘Hidden Profits’
  • Build loyalty and trust advocates among prospects, customers and staff
  • Understand “What and How” to measure CRM (KPIs to measure the profit  impact of improved Customer Relationship Management) and receive the tools to make those measurements

Course Topics

  • Maximise the return on CRM activities and Internet investments
  • Define the CRM key performance indicators recognising the importance of  all channels
  • Define the reports that measure and monitor CRM activities
  • Define the processes that drive CRM impacts on dealerships‟ bottom-line
  • The financial dynamics of a dealership
  • Activities that drive service retention and repeat customers
  • Commission structures
  • Online CRM strategies

Course Length

  • Customer Retention Management is run over the course of one day

What else is included?

  • Comprehensive Course binder and materials
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea
  • Deloitte ProfitFocus benchmark cards

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