Performance Excellence Program (PEP)

The automotive industry is currently navigating through a period of unprecedented change.  With new products, new ways of selling, changes in process and digital tools, and the need to meet the requirements of the evolving customer, it's never been more important to lift the skill levels and performance of your teams in order to build lasting success in the automotive industry.

The Deloitte Performance Excellence Program (PEP) is a training program designed to show participants their potential to impact their businesses positively.  The program focuses on optimising their understanding of themselves, the financials of the dealership and their ability to deliver the best customer experience.

By the end of the PEP development program participants should be confident to:

  • Understand and communicate their brand vision and strategy of their organisation
  • Be more self-aware, understand their strengths and weaknesses and key areas of development
  • Identify their “natural” leadership style and how they work best
  • Understand the financial performance of the total dealership, plus front or back-end operations
  • Deliver moments that matter for customers using the Deloitte 10 moves
  • Develop and apply their empathy skills to improve customer interactions. 

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