Stepping In Manager (SIM) Overview

Being promoted to a management position is an exciting time in our careers, however new managers need to understand that “what got them here, wont get them there” and that they will need to undertake training to successfully shift into their new management roles and responsibilities.  They have what it takes to get promoted, and they now need to develop a new set of skills to effectively transition into their new management role.

The Deloitte Stepping In Manager (SIM) development program aids participants as they transition out of the role of an employee and into a more senior role within their organisation.  The course will focus on the important behaviours and development needed to become effective in their management role and provide them with insights and tools to confidently manage their responsibilities. 

By the end of the SIM development program participants should be confident to:

  • Understand their role as a manager, and how they can own it
  • Understand the financials of the total dealership and the key department KPIs
  • Identify their “natural” leadership style and gain insight to their teams working styles
  • Identify key focus areas in achieving an effective and inclusive team environment
  • Analyse the gaps in their skills and develop SMART action plans for improving their development

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