Academy of Leadership Melbourne

Academy of Leadership - Melbourne

Monday 24th- Wednesday 26th February 2020

Program Overview

The Australian motor industry is in an important period of change, with the ever increasing digitalisation of processes, the changing customer experience expectations, the tightening of operational gross levels across all business units, and the changing product lines with the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles.  And at present, the industry is having to navigate through this period of unprecedented change while losing the war on talent, as dealers are not currently considered an employer of choice within the general market.

To make seismic leaps in operational performance, a transformative journey must happen in your organisations. This ‘leap’ starts with the Leaders - you.

Our focus here is on upskilling the leaders within the motor industry so that this transformation can happen from within organisations. 

Target Audience:

This is an industry-leading elite Leadership Development program, aimed at current motor industry Executives, and those people who see themselves as key future-leaders within their organisation, and who will be charged with the responsibility of taking their business into tomorrow.

What’s included?

  • 3 Days facilitated by subject matter experts and guest presenters
  • Full catering each day
  • Group Dinner
  • Course binder, materials, and take-home case studies
  • Networking with fellow industry executives
  • Intimate Q&A sessions with renowned Leaders
  • Academy of Leadership certification


Course Outline:

  1. The importance of Leadership
  2. Full Range Leadership Model
  3. Authentic Leadership
  4. Inspiring Others
  5. Innovative thinking
  6. Influencing People
  7. Language of Leadership
  8. Leading your Teams
  9. Coaching
  10. Knowing/Doing gap

Course Outcomes:

The objective of this is to expose our participants to world leaders in their respective fields - and through facilitation and discussion of thought-provoking topics, provide you with the platform to explore what it really means to be a world-class leader. 


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