Virtual Academy of Excellence

Virtual Academy of Excellence (AoE)

Q4 2020 AoE - November/December 2020

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Course Overview

  • How do Dealerships make money?
  • How does each Department contribute to Dealership profitability?
  • What drives improved Dealership performance?
  • Who is accountable?
  • What are the roadblocks affecting Dealership performance?

These questions are the focus of the Deloitte Academy of Excellence (AoE) training program.  The AoE is a development program designed to develop participant’s knowledge on best practice dealership operations.

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Upcoming Dates-

Q4 2020 AoE - November/December 2020

Day One:  Tuesday 24th November 2020

Day Two: Wednesday 25th November 2020

Day Three: Thursday 3rd December 2020

Day Four: Friday 4th December 2020


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