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    Australian Industry Overview

    With more than 25% of Australian dealers failing to make a profit for 2014, have we entered a time of “profitless prosperity”? Register your attendance for March today!

  • Uncover the real potential of your business.

    Uncover the real potential of your business.

    From assistance with Network Planning right down to "One-on-One" programs, ProfitFocus provides a range of options to help tune dealership performance.

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    Insights that only ProfitFocus can deliver

    ProfitFocus is in a unique position to bring you the latest trends, pressure points & opportunities in the market.

  • eProfitFocus Next Generation

    eProfitFocus Next Generation

    More sophisticated & flexible reporting. Enhanced data quality. Fresh new site. The journey has just begun.

"We are extremely proud of the next generation of our ProfitFocus site. Now all the technical expertise and market insights that Deloitte Motor Industry Services is known for are right at your fingertips."

 Grant Cameron
Lead Partner
Deloitte Motor Industry Services

"With the new dynamic reports in eProfitFocus, it is so easy to explore what is happening in the market today and get the context you need to really understand your own performance."

Danny Rezek

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