Performance Tuning

Making the most of the opportunities in your business

ProfitFocus is the specialist consulting team within Deloitte Motor Industry Services solely focused on helping motor dealers and manufacturers improve their performance and profitability.

Our consultants include former General Managers and Dealer Principals with a proven track record and a willingness to commit to, and value, ongoing relationships. They are coupled with energetic and knowledgeable project managers who ensure that we are there for your team while you are on your own particular journey.

The ProfitFocus team will provide you with valuable insights and tangible actions all aimed at helping you to achieve your goals.

Rather than delivering quick fixes, or isolated pieces of advice, the ProfitFocus consulting team collaboratively works with dealers and brands to help them achieve long-term, sustainable profitability for their dealerships.

From providing assistance with the "big-issues" of managing Network Planning, through holistic Dealer Profitability Improvement Programs, ProfitFocus Dealer Groups aimed at sharing best practice among like-minded dealers, and right down to programs designed for individual dealers.

ProfitFocus can assist you with anything from big-picture strategic planning to operational solutions at a dealership departmental level. Our end-to-end methodology and integrated and holistic approach is part of what separates us from the rest.

  • Network Planning

    When you need assistance with the "big issues" of managing a dealer network.

  • Dealer Profitability Improvement

    ProfitFocus provides a range of options to help franchises improve the profitability of their networks and dealers improve the performance of each department within their business.

  • Dealer Groups

    ProfitFocus Dealer Groups are facilitated workshops aimed at reviewing and analysing all aspects of dealer operations from strategic planning to operational solutions at a departmental level.

  • PeopleFocus

    What if all the people in your business were moving in the same direction? Our Employee Engagement Process is the timely use of a process (communication, survey measure, supported interaction and remeasure) that measures how engaged your people are, and then supports your leaders at all levels of the business to take targeted actions to increase engagement in order to achieve sustainable high performance.”