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At eProfitFocus within Deloitte Motor Industry Services, we always speak with our clients on a day-to-day basis. To get to know your experts in the industry better we have created quick "5 minutes with an expert" sessions. This not only shows the where, when, what, and why but how the experts in the industry have journeyed to see the vast changes in the Automotive Industry.

With high-level insight into the expert's fascinating experiences and answers to our questions you are able to see first-hand some more interesting facts about our experts and by any means easily reach out to connect with them. 

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  • Phil Soo

    18 August 2022

    Introducing our Sydney Team expert

  • Ahmed Mahmoud

    Lee Peters | 27 June 2022

    Meet one of our experts Ahmed Mahmoud. 

  • Lily Burt

    Lee Peters | 21 March 2022

    Introducing Lily Burt. 

  • Andrew Moore

    Lee Peters | 1 December 2021

    Meet one of our experts Andrew Moore. 

  • Madelaine Byrne

    Lee Peters | 8 November 2021

    Introducing Madelaine Byrne.

  • Matt Wright

    Lee Peters | 30 September 2021

    Meet one of our Team Experts Matt Wright.

  • Kevin McCann

    Lee Peters | 30 September 2021

    Please welcome Kevin McCann.