Academy of Excellence

Course Overview

  • How do Dealerships make money?
  • How does each Department contribute to Dealership profitability?
  • What drives improved Dealership performance?
  • Who is accountable?
  • What are the roadblocks affecting Dealership performance?

These questions are the focus of the Deloitte Academy of Excellence (AoE) training program.  The AoE is a development program designed to develop participant’s knowledge on best practice dealership operations.

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Upcoming Dates 

The Academy of Excellence (AoE) training program consists of:

  • 3 core modules
  • 6 key areas of focus
  • 8x sessions delivered over 4 days

The AoE is being delivered either virtually or face to face:

Upcoming dates for 2023

2023 Available Dates - Register your interest below

      September   2023 (Face to Face)

       In our brand new offices at QQT Sydney

       Week 1 - Wednesday 6th September and 7th September 2023

       Week 2 - Thursday 14th September and Friday 15th September 2023

      November   2023 (Virtual)

       Week 1 - Tuesday 14th November and Wednesday 15th November 2023

       Week 2 - Tuesday 21st November and Wednesday 22nd November 2023

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Participant Feedback

"I was fortunately selected to collaborate in Deloitte's Academy of Excellence Program. Thank you to Margot and her team for creating such a well-rounded program on the automotive landscape. 

The program was incredibly holistic in understanding Dealership operations. Completing the program, I have a stronger grasp of the pragmatic influence our decision-making within Ford Motor Company has in fundamentally impacting our customers, our front line and our partners. 

Networking with individuals from various facets of the automotive business, from Head Office, right through to the front line, was of great benefit, providing various perspectives in our collaborative activities. 

I am incredibly thankful for this experience. Thank you to my leadership team within Ford Motor Company for supporting my development."