Dealer Profitability Improvement

Leave nothing to chance

Rather than leave improvements in performance to chance, it is important to have a holistic, structured process to monitor operational performance, uncover areas of weakness or opportunity and develop action plans that address them. Then it is vital to monitor the results to ensure that the actions you take are really improving the performance of your business.

At ProfitFocus we work with you to develop end-to-end Dealer Performance Programmes that are designed to help your dealership, your dealership group or your network along the path to long-term, sustainable profitability. Our solutions follow a structured framework:

Performance Monitoring

What gets measured, gets done. Without a way of tracking and monitoring performance, you are just guessing. Following the ProfitFocus philosophy, we use the power of the data in the eProfitFocus benchmarking platform to track and analyse dealership performance.


Monitoring performance is just the start. We provide education and support for both dealer and franchise personnel in interpreting the dealership and market information to ensure you understand the real factors that are driving performance in your dealerships.


Use actual dealership data to gain the insights and tangible focus points to help improve performance. Compare your performance to industry composites and Benchmarks to get a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of actual performance. The aim is to help you get to the heart of areas for potential improvement.

Depending on your needs, this step could be purely through a ‘light touch’ approach based on data analysis, or through a ‘deep-dive’ approach using in-dealership health checks. Or a combination of the two.


Even the best insights are nothing if they are not translated into action. Once the issues you are facing are clear, the ProfitFocus team will work with you to define - and then implement – the action plans that are needed to address the situation you face.

These actions could take the form of:

  • ProfitFocus Dealer Groups aimed at providing dealers with a forum for sharing operational best practice across their whole businesses.
  • "One-to-One" Performance Management Programs that are entirely tailored to the specific needs of the dealership.
  • Network-wide training programs aimed at addressing skill gaps across the network
  • One on One coaching for key dealership staff to assist with implementation of strategy or action plans to ensure a more immediate impact on dealership performance
  • Tailored talent development programs for Senior Management designed to lift the standard of your network and ensure it remains there.

Review & Measure

Once the action plan has been put in place, the ProfitFocus team will work with you to monitor the resulting performance improvement through both financial and non-financial KPIs.


ProfitFocus offers a depth of financial, operational, and strategic knowledge which can be tailored from a network level right down to the granular detail of an individual dealership department. We adapt our approach between consulting, training, coaching and mentoring and consider outcomes on an integrated and whole-of-dealership basis to ensure that we maximise the benefits for entire dealerships, rather than single departments.

Wherever your business is placed, the ProfitFocus team can develop a Dealer Performance Programme for you. We will share our expertise and guide the implementation of industry best practice.

We are there with you on your journey – all the way.