A - Dealership information

The purpose of the A-Info tab is to review/enter the following details:

Dealership name

Data period: the end period to which your data relates e.g. 30/06/13

Number of months: the number of months to which the submission relates to – which should be 1 month’s data

Version: dealerships should ensure that they are using the latest version of the input sheet:

    • Auto-upload users: As auto-upload involves downloading an input sheet from eProfitFocus every month, these users will always have the latest input sheet.
    • Relate table or manual entry users: These users are required to refer to their home screen after logging onto eProfitFocus to find the latest version of the input sheet that is required to be used.

LinkProfit & Loss Snapshot: this extract provides a summarised view of each department’s performance in arriving at the dealership net profit figure that is based on your trial balance upload and mappings. The purpose of the snapshot is to assist in identifying and addressing any major discrepancies against internal reports so as to promote a higher standard of data quality.


Sometimes there may be discrepancies caused by the following:

  • Discrepancies between departments given that your accounts have been mapped in a certain way for the purpose of consistency e.g. there may be parts department gross that some dealerships put to service but ProfitFocus have mapped back to parts.
  • Discrepancies between departments caused by the inclusion of additional dealership departments into one of the six departments in an input sheet. A common example is that a dealership may treat aftermarket as a separate department, while this is not an independent department on the input sheet.

However, it is important to note that despite any discrepancies, the total dealership net profit should match against your internal records.

What to do if the P&L snapshot does not match your internal records?

If there is a substantial difference between the net profit of your internal dealership management system and the dealer input sheet, then get in contact with the provider of your mapping to review the current mapping for the dealership. 

  • Auto-upload users: Send a trial balance through to the ProfitFocus Support Desk at eprofitfocus@deloitte.com.au with the correct profit figure for the month so they can review your mapping to reduce the discrepancy
  • Relate table: Please get in contact with your mapping provider – either your DMS supplier, third party accounting firm or a staff member of your dealership – to review the mapping for the dealership

LinkDetailed P&L
A more detailed P&L that displays the information of all departments on a single sheet can be found in the P&L tab of the input sheet.