Performance Tuning Reports

Performance Tuning

Dealer Profitability Report

How to run this report: 

  1. Once logged in, click on Performance Tuning and then Dealer Profitability under the 'Report Tab'. 
  2. Select your report criteria using the filter options available to your login. To learn more about what the report filters mean, click here. 
  3. Click view report. 
  4. Your report will be created and can either be viewed on screen or exported to Excel or PDF. As a 'dynamic' report, you are able to interactively drill down to get different levels of information detail: 
  • Drill down sales, gross profit and department selling gross to get these indicators by department.
  • Drill down by years, quarters and months to get granular information.

How to read and use this report: 

Report format: 

  • Left-hand side, top-to-bottom: High-level KPIs with sales, gross profit and selling gross expandable to provide a department view.
  • Right-hand side, left-to-right: drill down to view month on month performance.

Key areas to look out for: 

Which departments are contributing the most to gross profit in each state?

Are margins (department gross profit / department sales) stable. improving or declilning? 

  • Run a series of reports over different periods e.g. by quarter or by month.
  • Expand both Sales and gross Profit to see the department breakdown.
  • Calculate margin by department and identify the trend.

Is dealer profitability (net profit % sales) stable, improving or declining? 

  • Run a series of reports over different periods e.g. by quarter or by month.
  • Note the NP%S figure and identify any trends. Use the same reports to see if there have been any trends in other areas e.g. gross profit, other income etc.