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The H-Staff&StdJnls tab of the input sheet is split into two sections:

    • Employee count
    • Journal adjustments

Employee count

As many of the performance benchmarks are based on staff performance it is vitally important this section is completed as accurately as possible.

You are required to fill out headcounts for:

  • Reporting Franchise
  • Other Franchises

The counts in these two sections will them be summed to give Total Dealership headcounts.

What if one staff member works in multiple franchises?

In many cases staff will work in both Reporting Franchise and Other Franchise operations. In such cases, please put a proportion of the head in the appropriate box e.g. if a parts manager spends say 65% of his time working with the Reporting Franchise then place 0.65 of a head in the appropriate field. This apportionment should also be reflected in their salaries and commission shares which are recorded in the various departments on the input sheet.

What if one staff member works in multiple departments?

Similarly, if a dealership staff member spends their time in different departments (e.g. a combined new and used vehicle salesperson or manager, or a part-timer), allocate a fraction of a head count into relevant fields.

There are two options for filling out headcounts:

  1. Where you have memo staff accounts in your trial balance, the accounts can be mapped directly to the relevant fields on the input sheet
  2. Alternatively, a dealership can enter the headcounts in manually and the eProfitFocus will commit it to memory such that when an input sheet is downloaded the following month – the headcounts will already be populated.


 Front end staff

H Staff 001


Back end staff

H Staff 002


Administration staff

Include all administrative staff here as well as the dealer principal.