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  • Motor Industry Overview 2017 - Dealer Profitability

    17 May 2017

    Dealer Profitability – The number one issue in the Automotive Industry today. We will cover; Topic 1 - Top 20 changes to Dealer Profitability over the last 20 years Topic 2 - Current shifts in Dealer Profitability Topic 3 - The future of Automotive retail.

  • How effective are your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) strategies?

    Kelly Venhuizen | 15 April 2016

    Be aware of your FBT liabilities and risk for the financial year ending March 2016. Read our guide for more information regarding obligations and structuring opportunities.

  • Motor dealer stamp duty implications

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 10 September 2015

    Motor dealer stamp duty implications Arising from recent court case - This SRO won on its arguments that the taxpayer’s service demonstrator vehicles (SDVs) were not exempt from Victorian motor vehicle duty. Purpose of the SDVs is to provide a loan vehicle for alternate transport not as a sales strategy.

  • Preparing for your FBT return

    Ben White | 14 May 2015

    Are you aware of the latest rates and thresholds that will affect your FBT liability? Click for a summary of the latest rates and thresholds for the year ended 31 March 2015.

  • Federal Budget 2015-16

    13 May 2015

    Australia's Federal Budget 2015-16 is here. Download the report, watch the video overview and explore additional insights.

  • Son of Holdback

    Doug Tredeinnick | 12 February 2014

    With the pending changes in the calculation of Luxury Car Tax (LCT), dealers, distributors and DMS suppliers are faced with the need to understand the changes. In this article we've responded to a number of questions being posed by our clients.

  • FBT Car Allowance Calculator

    Stavroula Papadatos | 9 September 2013

    A quick calculation for car allowances.