ProfitFocus reporting policy

The ProfitFocus Reporting Policy details the methodology for submitting a dealership’s monthly data through the online eProfitFocus system.

The application of these policies will ensure that a dealership is meeting the reporting requirements set by ProfitFocus for all its subscribers. These standardised reporting requirements have been put in place to ensure that the data used for comparative, composite and benchmarking purposes is consistent, reliable and accurate.

A general guide for reporting your data to eProfitFocus can be downloaded here.


  1. The reporting process
  2. Key submission dates
  3. Accessing completed submissions
  4. Reporting as a multi-franchise dealership
  5. Dealer input sheet
    1. Dealership information
    2. New vehicle department
    3. Used vehicle department
    4. Parts department
    5. Service department
    6. Finance and insurance department
    7. Administration department
    8. personnel and standard journal adjustments
  6. Frequently asked questions