The input sheet

The dealer input sheet is the backbone of the entire reporting process. The file is a workbook viewable in Excel that presents each of the dealership’s primary departments in separate worksheets – in a way, reflective of how each department is a unique business and operated as separate cost centres. 

This section aims to overcome any inconsistencies in internal dealership accounting policies between different dealers by outlining what information should be included in each field of the input sheet. By following the instructions in this section you can be assured that, in comparison to industry benchmarks and other dealerships that all data has greater accuracy and consistency.

Dealership information A-Info
New vehicle department B-New, B-NewExp 
Used vehicle department C-Used 
Parts department  D-Parts
Services Department E-Service 
Finance & insurance department  F-F&I 
Administration & balance sheet  G-Admin 
Personnel and standard journal adjustments  H-Staff&StdJnls 
 Errors & warnings Errors & Warnings