More than simply reporting the numbers, eProfitFocus reports are designed to focus your attention where it is needed – from the overall balance of an entire dealer network right down to the key drivers within a particular department for a single dealership.

While financial data will always be the starting point, the real value comes in combining that information with real-world operational elements (such as headcount, the number of work-bays or the units of stock on hand) to uncover insights into the underlying issues driving dealership performance and to help you identify the opportunities in your business.

The 'ecosystem' of reports in eProfitFocus has been carefully designed to help you answer four key questions:

What's going on in the industry?

The Industry Insights reports provide you with an understanding of the performance of the industry and the brands that make it up. Gain high-level insights into the trends that are emerging across the whole industry and how they might impact your operation. Focus on those sections of the market that are most relevant to you by exploring the 'composite' groups of dealers that make the most sense for you.

What's going on in your network?

The Franchise Insights reports provide an understanding of the performance of your overall network with the ability to drill down through region and location to see individual dealer performance. Compare states or identify the top performers and see what they are doing differently.

What's going on in your dealership?

The Dealer Insights reports provide an understanding of how an individual dealership is performing. Compare dealership results between periods, against the market or franchise and drill into the details of performance right down to the department level.

Where can I improve my dealership's performance?

The very focused Performance Tuning reports help you to identify and understand specific areas of opportunity at the individual dealership level. Use these reports to identify reasons for gaps in performance between the dealership and your chosen composite groups of dealers for very specific items. Find the little things that can make a big difference.

Information the way you want it

With the ability to choose composite groups by brand, region, dealer type and the level of their performance, you can always compare your business to the dealers that are most relevant to you.

Use the interactive Dynamic reports to get to the bottom of an issue or explore an opportunity. Use the detailed Static reports to really drill into the detail. ProfitFocus has the flexibility to support the way you work best.

And because we understand that you want to share the insights you uncover, you can export the reports in a variety of formats: pdf, Excel, Word or even as a CSV you can use to feed into some of your other systems.