Performance Monitoring

What gets measured, gets done

Was last month really a good month? What if everyone around me did better? What if I was up by 5% on last year, but everyone else in my franchise was up by 15%? What are the opportunities I might be missing out on?

Without a way of tracking and monitoring performance, you are just guessing. Monitoring your own performance is a start, but there is so much more you can do.

The ProfitFocus philosophy is to use data-driven insights to help you fine tune the performance of your business. We help you to uncover the opportunities you are missing and then make the most of them.

Using the eProfitFocus online platform, we take your raw data and turn it into information you can use in your business every day. But even better, by monitoring your performance in a way that is consistent with hundreds of other dealerships in the eProfitFocus database, you can use the power of data to objectively assess your operations and track down the opportunities you might be missing out on across all areas of your business.

Not just benchmarking, ProfitFocus benchmarking

In addition to comparing your performance to that of the current market, Benchmarking is an excellent method of monitoring performance and setting goals.

More than just a collection of numbers, the Deloitte Motor Industry Services Benchmarks are a cohesive framework of key indicators designed to help you build and manage a dealership that achieves long-term, sustainable profitability.

While the starting point for the benchmarks is the raw data in the eProfitFocus database, the ProfitFocus team applies their deep industry knowledge and experience to blend the realities of the market with best-practice. The result is a set of benchmarks which you can use to help you in building a profitable and lasting business in the real world.