Dynamic Dashboards

Bringing your data to life...

We have improved the accessibility and visibility of your data in eProfitFocus. Now part of the standard eProfitFocus reporting suite, we have integrated Business Intelligence dashboards. These dashboards provide you with the ability to monitor and assess the impact of changes to your business on a monthly basis. 


Dealer Department Dashboard

Key Features

  • Intuitive reporting designed to put information in your hands
  • Ability to track your performance month on month and year on year.
  • Provides a high level overview of the departments and its operational levers
  • Easily identifies opportunity through month to month graphical and key performance indicators
  • Focuses on key drives of a department

What next?

Access to the Dynamic dashboards will be enabled for your dealership on the 28th February 2019. You will notice that upon logging in to eProfitFocus, you will be greeted with your personalised dashboard. If for any reason you do not see the dashboard, please contact the eProfitFocus team and we will be able to assist. 

For more information about the dashboards, please refer to the links and downloads below

 Dynamic Dashboards - Dealer Guide

 Dynamic Dashboards - FAQ


Please note our ProfitFocus Dynamic Dashboard is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari

Browser compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue with my login or accessing the system

Please feel free to overview the CIAM login authentication for the access or via the following link:  https://www.eprofitfocus.com/help-support-centre/

Where will I find the calculations behind the dashboard?

These calculations are all found in our Key Performance Indicator guide which can be found by typing ‘KPI’ into the search button before logging in to www.eprofitfocus.com or via the following link: https://www.eprofitfocus.com/help-support-centre/kpi-guide/

Is my data secure given this is a Cloud based program?

Your data remains secure as it is not held on a cloud system. Data is held on Deloitte physical servers.

Can I access the detailed reports as I could before?

Yes, all your previously available dynamic reports remain available. The new dashboard is an additional report. 

Can a Franchise see my total dealership data?

No, franchise access remains limited to their own franchise, the same as it is in the dynamic reports.

Are the reports faster to generate?

Yes, the dashboard loads within seconds and updates to your selected criteria in real time.

Can I print these?

Yes, these reports can be printed via the additional features section in the top right corner of each graph.

Does this upgrade integrate with your Anaplan based Budgeting service, used by several franchises?

Not currently, but this update is scheduled for future implementation.

Can I view these reports via my smartphone / tablet / iPad?

Yes, your dashboard will load anywhere internet is available however may be slower to load based on data transfer speed.

I attended the Profitfocus comparison groups – will I be able to see the dashboards presented in these groups via the website during or after the meeting?

Yes, these reports will be rolling out to the comparison and dealer groups throughout 2019.

Can I compare to peer groups as the current suite of reports allow?

Yes you can compare to other size groups and geographic locations.

I have multiple brands – can I see each brand on the same report for a given period?

Yes you can select any of the brands you have access to in eProfitfocus.