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Similar to many of the other departments in the input sheet, the allocation of overheads can be done in a number of ways.

    1. If your overheads are split by franchise, directly map into the Reporting Franchise and Other franchise column
    2. If your overheads are not split by franchise, then refer to the Allocation Table for the apportionment of shared account. 


Profit Summary

Dealership Fixed Expenses

Salaries (administration)

This amount should represent the sum of all salaries, sick and holiday pay for all administration staff not allocated to individual departments.

Sick/holiday pay

Sick and annual leave entitlements paid to all admin staff.

Fringe benefits tax

The net amount of Fringe Benefits Tax (after employee contributions) paid on the provision of benefits.

Payroll taxes

The amount of payroll tax paid for all employees.


Consists of superannuation paid to all employees.

Long service leave

Relates to long service leave expense for all employees.

Rent and equivalent

Amounts expensed during the period relating to the rental of properties and other equipment

    • where the dealership property is mortgaged you should also include any interest paid on such loans in this figure
    • where the dealership property is owned, a market/commercial rate of rental should be applied.


The amount paid or accrued in respect of the provision of utilities to the dealership e.g. heat, light, gas, power and water.


Expenses incurred in relation to telephone, mobile phone, facsimile and computer line rental.

Rates and taxes

Taxes and or charges paid relating to dealership properties, motor dealer licensing, trade plates and other statutory type expenses.

Office supplies

Relates to all purchases of stationery, including pens, letterheads, invoices, printer cartridges etc.

Professional fees

Amounts paid or accrued for solicitors, auditors, accountants and other professional consultants.

Data processing

Represents all expenditure in respect of all the dealerships information processing and reporting systems.

Bad debts

Includes all amounts written off during the period as uncollectable, net of bad debts recovered.

Bank charges and taxes

Charges levied by banks for items such as account keeping fees, FID, credit card fees etc.


Any interest payments made in respect to overdrafts, finance leases, working capital type loans and company credit cards

    • Note, floorplan interest has already been allocated in the new and used vehicle departments and therefore should be excluded.


Includes depreciation on plant and equipment and any building improvements as well as amortisation of capitalised finance leases.

Property maintenance, cleaning & security (outside services)

General expenses relating to services provided by external agencies including cleaning, security, waste removal, outside payroll services, gardening etc.

Travel and entertainment

Expenditure on travel and entertainment which may or may not be claimed as an allowable deduction for tax purposes.


Training expenses for admin staff.

Miscellaneous expenses

Essentially any expenses not included in the above categories, or anything of a sundry nature, should be placed in miscellaneous e.g. donations, fines.

Total fixed expenses

Automatic calculation totalling the expense lines above.


Other income and dealership costs

Other income

Consists of profits made by means other than the operating departments, including:

    • interest earned from investments
    • dividends received from investments
    • gains on disposal of fixed assets
    • rent received from properties owned

Other income may also include bonuses/incentives that are based on total dealership performance. Contact the ProfitFocus team for clarification on where your factory incentives are to be reported.

Dealer salary

Relates to all salaries, bonuses, and incentives paid to the dealer principal



Operating profit

Represents the net profit result of your dealership before any income tax expense is incurred.

Adjusted profit before tax

Profit adjusted for above ‘Standard Journals’. This is the profit that will appear on your reports.

    • Note that company tax is not included in ProfitFocus reporting or in the input sheets and should therefore not be mapped in the eProfitFocus system.