What is eProfitFocus?

At the core of our business is eProfitFocus; our web-based, dealership benchmarking and reporting system developed specifically for the motor industry.

Subscribers to eProfitFocus have access to a range of concise reports which allow them to assess and evaluate the performance of their business, relative to both self-selected composites and the Deloitte Motor Industry Benchmarks.

Comparison with historical data also allows eProfitFocus users to track trends in order to understand areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement in their operations.

Reporting Data

Using our Auto Upload process, dealers take an extract straight from their DMS and upload it to eProfitFocus for their reporting. The accounts in the dealership trial balance pass through a mapping, previously set up by the ProfitFocus team for each dealership, so that the information reported by the dealer is consistent with that of all other dealers in the database (i.e. sales go to sales, costs go to costs).

The eProfitFocus system then generates an Input Sheet containing the dealer's results in a ProfitFocus format. Anything that looks a little unusual (such as missing sales, excessive expenses, negative gross profits) are automatically highlighted within the Input Sheet and listed out for the dealers to review.

Using the Input Sheet, dealers can review their data, check any allocations between brands & departments and add any additional information needed to finalise their reporting (such as headcount numbers or lead management data).

Quality filters

Once the dealer is satisfied that their Input Sheet reflects the performance of their business, it is uploaded to eProfitFocus where it passes through an additional filter designed to identify any data that looks unusual. At this point, eProfitFocus shows the dealers a list of final outstanding data questions and requests them to explain why this data should be allowed into the database - because we realise that in the real world, all sorts of strange things happen every month!

As a final check, data submissions that have a high number of questions around them are flagged for review by the ProfitFocus team who will check the submission and follow up with the dealer if needed.

Always Online

We understand that dealers and brands all have their own monthly reporting cycles, so the eProfitFocus system is available 24/7 (except for the occasional brief period of planned maintenance once a month) for users to upload data and run reports.

As soon as you are ready, we are.

Help is always on hand

A full set of online help tools is available to help eProfitFocus users with all the things they need to do. With FAQs, Quick Reference Guides and even 'How To' videos there is always a way for you to get the help you need.

And of course, the ProfitFocus SupportDesk is only a phone call away.