Network Planning

Our reach within the industry and breadth of experience in both the retail and wholesale network, allows us to understand and assist with the "big issues" of managing a dealer network.

ProfitFocus can provide you with insights into where your network really stands and knowledge on how to capitalise on the opportunities before you.

The very nature of Network Planning means there is never going to be one single approach that works for everyone in all circumstances. The ProfitFocus team first works with you to understand your overall business objectives and the role that your network strategy plays in meeting those objectives, and then maps out a solution to help you deliver on it. The combination of our deep industry knowledge with the power of the data in the eProfitFocus database allows us to provide unparalleled results to our clients.

The range of network planning projects we have worked on include:

  • Market entry planning
  • Market representation plans and feasibility studies
  • Network efficiency studies
  • Dealership and network business modeling
  • Ownership concentration studies
  • Service capacity reviews
  • Margin scheme studies
  • Dealer standard reviews
  • Assistance with Dealer Target setting
  • Industry and franchise performance reviews

In short, whatever your Network Planning needs, the ProfitFocus team has the experience and skills to help.