Submitting your data

Submitting your data is a simple process carried out online via

Quick links

Step by Step guide to submitting your data 
The ProfitFocus Reporting Policy & Mapping Index
Understanding anomalies

What you will need

  1. Your unique username and password

    Your username will be the email address assigned of initial onboarding and a step by step guide to accessing your password with an additional authentication step. If you have forgotten your password or email address please follow the link Multi-Factor Authentication to retrieve your password. 

Submission deadline

The deadline to submit your monthly data will depend on the brand to which you report for. 

Please contact your relevant brand to confirm and be notified of the submission deadline periods for your required dealership. 

The importance of submitting your data helps ensure the value of understanding your overall dealership's health and provide consistent analysis to help further enhance the success of your dealership. 

Key steps to upload

Click here for details on completing the Online Input Sheet and the reporting process. 

After submitting your data

After submitting your data, you can run ProfitFocus reports that will allow you to:

  • Identify trends in your dealership’s performance over time
  • See how your dealership is performing to industry benchmarks
  • Compare your dealership to other dealerships located in a similar region or selling similar brands
  • Apply changes to effectively increase performance and see changes over the upcoming months 
  • Having healthy consistent records of your data stored for future reference to strategies 
  • Integrating other areas of Deloitte services for staff for e.g. Academy of Excellence