Why we need to focus on our people…

PeopleFocus is tailored support to Dealers and Manufacturers to enable the best possible foundation for your continued success.

Our approach, as always, is to measure and survey, analyse and understand, and then respond effectively and efficiently to data-based insights.

Our support, accessing the best of Deloitte, can include all of these collaborations with Dealer management teams:

  • Engagement Survey and Measurement Tools
  • Communication and Leadership Advisory
  • Improving Management Practices
  • Tailorable Diversity and Inspiring Women programs
  • Talent Identification and Development
  • Coaching High Performance, including 360 Feedback

What is an Employee Engagement Process?

An Employee Engagement Process is the timely use of a process (communication, survey measure, supported interaction and remeasure) that measures how engaged your people are, and then supports leaders at all levels of the business to take targeted actions to increase engagement in order to achieve sustainable high performance.

What do we mean by ‘Employee Engagement’?

Employee Engagement is the degree to which people connect with their work and feel committed to their company and its goals.

An "engaged employee" is one who is:

  • Valued and engaged by the business;
  • Chooses to commit to doing the best they can each day;
  • Communicates clearly, honestly and respectfully;
  • Proactively takes positive action to achieve the company’s goals, build and retain the chosen culture, and helps others to do so.

Outcomes we can achieve quickly

  1. Answer key questions such as:
    • Where is our engagement at?
    • Where is our culture strong, and where is it not?
    • What is important to our people?
    • How well are we communicating the things that are most important to us?
    • Improve our staff engagement, across the business and within teams, in order to create a strong, positive organisational culture to enable future business growth;
  2. Reduce rates of people turnover, and understand and address effectively any issues leading to decreased engagement levels;
  3. Support all managers to lead, and to consistently, effectively and efficiently support their teams for success; and
  4. Enable informed decisions by the Executive Team to undertake well-considered changes to the business.