Andrew Moore

Lee Peters | 1 December 2021

Please tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, there’s probably 10 things that sum me up!

6 are my four kids, Sonny, Daisy, Hazel, and Gretel, my wife Danielle, and my 17-year-old dog, Roger the Pug!

The other 4 are:

Footy - I love AFL, barracking for the Cats.

Boating - I enjoy nothing more than being on the water, whether it’s wakeboarding or just chilling out there.

Kids’ Sport - I coach my son’s footy team, and next year I’m coaching my daughter’s team.  They all play footy so Sundays in winter are jam-packed.

Enjoying my work - I’ve been lucky to have some really dynamic jobs and work with some great car Dealers.  And now at Deloitte, I’m doing that, plus getting to innovate the industry and help the uptake of more EVs – which I think will be great for the community and this industry if we get it right.

What about your journey in the Automotive industry – what roles did you have along the way, and where has it brought you now?

I guess I’ve had a pretty diverse journey in this industry – and was fortunate to kick-off in the industry in the inner sanctum with Dealer principals, running Dealer Financial Comparison groups with Honda. This gave me a great insight into Dealership operations.

Moving to Suzuki Australia and running Marketing and Product gave me deep insights into consumers and how to best connect with them.

In senior leaderships roles, including Director of Automobiles at Suzuki and Managing Director at Renault Australia, I enjoyed the complexity, excitement, and challenges of this industry.

And I think that’s what’s lead me to Deloitte – with so many different perspectives – knowing and respecting Dealers, understanding customers, and understanding all the pieces that go towards selling and supporting motor cars – I’ve now got the opportunity to work right across the total spectrum of the industry, beyond just one brand.

What do you love most about the Automotive Industry? Why does it ignite your passion so much?

This industry touches everyone – we all need mobility solutions, and people love their cars for different reasons. But customers have high expectations, and cars have become amazing products. The challenge now is to harness the success of motor vehicles and see them fit better into society, so that people will want them and value them even more.

So many people in this industry put everything into it, so I think it’s important that we all value that and make the future as bright as possible for everyone involved.

What do you think will be the biggest change we’ll notice in the evolving Automotive industry over the next 5-10 years?

EVs, for sure.

They have the power to transform a car into so much more. The big challenge is for consumers to understand this, so that collectively they can harness all the benefits.

I really believe Dealers can play a huge role in this transformation here and can benefit from the changes too.

How do you see Deloitte playing a role in navigating and shaping this change?

By bringing a perspective that collectively unites all industry players to embrace this change and use it to add value to customers, rather than fearing it.

Deloitte have broad skillsets and perspectives that can find opportunities and educate key players to work together and support customers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? i.e. what makes you ‘you’?

See my 10 things at the top!!!