Reporting franchise, other franchises and total dealership

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Many dealerships that report with ProfitFocus are multi-franchise. For most of these dealerships, the financial/management accounts on their trial balance will relate to a number of brands.

Where a dealership is required to report with eProfitFocus for one of these franchises, this franchise becomes known as the reporting franchise. The input sheet will have the reporting franchise name on the A-Info tab of the workbook.

Throughout the input sheet, there is always a separation of the reporting franchise from other franchises. The summation of the reporting franchise information and other franchise information will give a total dealership result.

As such, when reporting, dealerships should endeavour to ensure that their reporting franchise information is separated out from other franchises to the greatest extent possible.

    • Where dealerships have franchise specific accounts, the reporting franchise accounts can be directly linked or mapped to the reporting franchise columns/areas of the dealer input sheet. 
    • Note that dealers who are set up as a Business Unit are able to report all the data for all of their reporting franchises in a single upload. In this case the input sheet will show one franchise column for each of the reporting franchises.
    • Any general ledge account that is not mapped directly to the Reporting Franchise will appear in the allocations page. By default, 100% of the general ledge account's values will appear in the 'Other' column. If you would like to allocate a portion of the general ledger account value to the Reporting Franchise, this can be done in the Allocations tab or by click the 'Download Allocations' button. 

Allocations Table

Typically, for multi - franchise dealerships, their general ledger accounts for Used, F&I, Parts expenses, Service expenses and Admin expenses are shared across all franchises, for example: 'Used Retail Passenger Sales' is a single general ledge account for used car sales that dos not belong entirely to the reporting franchise. As a result, it will appear in the Allocations Tab and a portion will need to be allocated to the Reporting Franchise. 

To quickly allocate multiple general ledge accounts, it is suggested that the allocations are downloaded by clicking 'Download Allocations' at the bottom of the Input Sheet. This excel file can be filtered and sorted which enables quick allocation. This file can then be uploaded back into the Input Sheet to take effect.