Public Training Programs

ProfitFocus offers a variety of publically held workshops for the front line, senior and executive management within your dealerships.

All courses are run by content experts with extensive expertise across all aspects of the retail motor industry.

While each course can be taken as a stand-alone module in its own right, they can also be combined into a comprehensive talent development program that meets your individual needs.

Foundation-level core modules, such as Understanding Dealership Financials or Customer Retention Management, can be combined with role-specific courses, such as Sales Management or F&I Mastery, to create programs for department managers.

As these managers progress in their careers, additional modules, such as the Academy of Excellence or Building & Managing a High-Performance Team, can be added to prepare them for senior management roles.

Details of our public courses can be found below.

  • Understanding Dealership Financials

    This two day course places accounting theory into the context of dealership financials and department transactions.

  • Customer Retention Management

    This Customer Retention Management (CRM) course is a “hands-on” and practical workshop. The focus is on value generating activities in the automotive environment from a dealer and manufacturer perspective. The desired outcome is for dealers to instantaneously create an environment of reliability, trust and integrity starting in the website and duplicated in the dealership both physically and culturally by process and client experience.

  • Sales Management

    The Sales Management course goes deep into the various topics relevant to the sales department to give the attendees the skill, ability and detailed processes to get the “internal dealership practices” happening in their departments.

  • Used Car Manager Program

    Used cars are a demand-pull business not supply-push like new cars. Dealers have the opportunity to choose what to stock and how much to pay for it. Unfortunately, many leave the car to sit for too long and rising costs eat up any profit. This program provides easily understood structure and process as well as answering the many other challenges dealers face in making a good used car business.

  • Aftersales Management

    This innovative and exciting program is a comprehensive, practical and competency based course that provides tailored management skills, processes, tips and techniques turning your current and future parts and service managers into business managers.

  • Service Advisor and Dealership Profitability

    Providing the ‘big picture’ of the Service Department’s role in dealership profitability and customer creation and retention, this one day program is aimed at demonstrating to the Service Advisor, the importance of their role.

  • Finance & Insurance Mastery

    This course is practical and focuses on up-skilling the participants to foster processes, systems and consistently utilise best-practice disciplines to not only become benchmark dealers but to continue raising the bar in the important field of F&I.

  • Build and Manage a High Performance Team

    Against a backdrop of skill shortages, a competitive Australian labour market and the work ethic of Generations X and Y, dealership management faces the challenging task of attracting talent, maximising the team’s performance and retention of that talent. Performance management, recruitment, and staff development is time-consuming but essential if strong performance is to be maintained and an engaged and sustainable dealership culture built.

  • Academy of Excellence

    Aimed specifically at General Managers and Dealer Principals, the Academy of Excellence takes participants through the multifaceted business aspects of a dealership, including New and Used Vehicles, Parts, and Services and Finance & Insurance, to deliver all the tools, strategies and information to help maximise efficiency and profits.

  • Academy Of Leadership

    The war on talent in the Motor Industry - How to make your dealers an employer of choice. This is a Leadership development program aimed at current Motor Industry executives, the future leaders of the Automotive Industry.