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In our Motor Industry updates, the Deloitte Motor Industry Services team analyses the trends, pressure points and opportunities affecting the motor industry today and explores how they will impact you.

From the big issues, such as the currents in the global economy, down to the fine detail, such as how the latest technology could impact your parts business, we give you the insights which will help you take advantage of the opportunities in the industry today.

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  • 10 Actions of Benchmark Dealers

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 4 June 2013

    How many of these actions is your dealership currently implementing?

  • NADA 2012 - Three emerging trends

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 8 March 2013

    Each year we look for the emerging trends in the USA and try and assess whether or not these may impact the Australian market. There were 3 clear emerging trends from NADA 2012.

  • Digital Marketing and the Zero Moment of Truth

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 8 March 2012

    At the 2012 NADA conference we took the opportunity to attend a number of presentations focused what could only be described as the future of digital marketing. Fundamental to this next generation of retail marketing is how a dealer approaches and executes on their strategy. At its heart, however, there are still a number of facets which are still valid today as they were in the period leading up to the digital age.

  • The New Science of Used Vehicle Sales and Stocking

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 8 March 2012

    Dale Pollack is blind. He cannot make decisions on used vehicle stocking based on look and feel. He has to rely upon the use of numbers. While this is a confronting new frontier for many dealers (who have traditionally relied upon "gut feel" and instinct from experience), the game has changed.

  • Your customers and you

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 16 February 2012

    Everyone would agree that customers are the lifeblood of our businesses. But do we setup our businesses around our customers? After all, without them, we have no business.