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In our Motor Industry updates, the Deloitte Motor Industry Services team analyses the trends, pressure points and opportunities affecting the motor industry today and explores how they will impact you.

From the big issues, such as the currents in the global economy, down to the fine detail, such as how the latest technology could impact your parts business, we give you the insights which will help you take advantage of the opportunities in the industry today.

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  • Leading Indicators of Profitability III

    Balram Dabhade | 16 May 2017

    The third leading indicator, we’d like to investigate is the contribution of F&I income to the net profit of the business. F&I has become an important aspect of any vehicle dealership in Australia, as it’s become a logical and profitable vertical integration.

  • What caused the Quarter 3 2016 reduction in profitability

    Balram Dabhade | 15 October 2016

    The Australian motor industry is one economic barometer proxy for the Australian economy. They have both enjoyed healthy growth and have seen exponential growth complementing each other, the last quarter though was an exception to this story.

  • The art of business succession: are you prepared?

    Stavroula Papadatos | 26 November 2015

    In a family business, owners sometimes fail to develop formal programs to groom the next generation’s management team and believe the skills will transfer automatically.

  • The future of mobility

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 2 November 2015

    How transportation technology and social trends are creating new business ecosystems.

  • Are you missing out on the aftersales opportunity?

    Stephen Timperley | 29 October 2015

    Healthy sales figures show new motor vehicle sales rose by 3.2% - are you overlooking your aftersales?

  • Transform your business through benchmarking

    Stephen Timperley | 13 October 2015

    Understand the importance of understanding your comparative performance of your dealership over time. 

  • Car dealerships on the move

    Grant Cameron | 9 September 2015

    The value of sound advice cannot be underestimated. It’s essential to work with advisers who have longevity in the market, to ensure buyers pay the most appropriate price for an asset.

  • Responding to Market Conditions

    Dale McCauley | 11 August 2015

    Best practice dealerships have the ability to fine tune their business to what's happening in the market - What insights can best practice dealerships provide to the rest of the market and what are the key traits that best dealerships share.

  • What's driving the motor market?

    Dale McCauley | 10 August 2015

    Deloitte Motor Industry services will be presenting at the AADA, Monday 10th August to Wednesday 12th August - Devlving deeper into the Automotive market in Australia - Volume is up but does volume drive profit?

  • Used Vehicle Opportunity I

    Balram Dabhade | 17 May 2015

    The best dealerships usually distinguish themselves from the average by having well-balanced and profitable activities in the used vehicle sales, parts and service department. Find out how you can leverage this important differentiator successfully.