Motor Industry Update

In our Motor Industry updates, the Deloitte Motor Industry Services team analyses the trends, pressure points and opportunities affecting the motor industry today and explores how they will impact you.

From the big issues, such as the currents in the global economy, down to the fine detail, such as how the latest technology could impact your parts business, we give you the insights which will help you take advantage of the opportunities in the industry today.

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  • 2014 Global Automotive Consumer Study

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 1 August 2014

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services are excited to release our 3rd study on the changing nature of mobility.

  • 2014 Australian Motor Industry Overview

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 31 March 2014

    With the market growing by 2.2% in 2013, profitability for the average dealer in Australia fell by 17%. That’s amazing to think: in a growing market, the profit of the average dealer was down.

  • Issues Emerging in Dealer Profitability

    Marionne Sooriakumar | 26 February 2014

    An overview of the key issues affecting dealers last year.

  • Dealing with Aged New Vehicle Inventory

    Deloitte Motor Industry Services | 26 February 2014

    Best practices for rectifying the current trend of high stock levels.

  • Holiday Message

    Grant Cameron | 17 December 2013

    A review on the year that was and what to look forward to in 2014.

  • Building the Lucky Country Part Two

    Grant Cameron | 17 December 2013

    Would you like to know how you can take advantage of the economic opportunities?

  • Your Parts Department - A Forgotten Treasure

    Simon West | 3 December 2013

    With its high retained selling gross, finding improvements in your parts department can have a great impact on your bottom line.

  • Building the Lucky Country

    Dorian Lapthorne | 3 December 2013

    Cooling resources boom, a new government, rebounding business confidence and a falling AUD - what's next for Australia?

  • Breaking Even

    Lee Peters | 3 December 2013

    Finding your minimum 'ticket to play'

  • Industry Stock Level

    Dorian Lapthorne | 16 October 2013

    What is happening with new car stock in the current market?